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Vantika Tech - Stand with Farmers


About half of the country's workforce is employed in agriculture and it is not just farming crops it is a large sector and plays an important role for every nation. Although it has a big contribution to GDP. During the last few decades, the contribution of the manufacturing and service sectors to the growth of the economy has increased rapidly, while the contribution of the agriculture sector has declined. Agricultural productivity depends on many factors. These include agricultural inputs, such as availability and quality of land, water, seeds and fertilizers, facilities for agricultural credit and crop insurance, assurance of remunerative prices for agricultural products, and storage and marketing infrastructure. There are many reasons that affect agricultural productivity, such as the size of farming land is decreasing and farmers are still largely dependent on the monsoon. There is not enough irrigation facility, as well as unbalanced use of fertilizers, which reduces soil fertility. Modern technology is not available to all in different parts of the country, nor is there formal credit available for agriculture. Food-grains are not fully procured by government agencies and farmers do not get remunerative prices.
The main commodities imported into India are pulses, edible oil, fresh fruits, and cashew nuts. Major commodities exported by India include rice, spices, cotton, meat and meat-based food, sugar, etc. In the last few decades, the share of agricultural imports in total imports has increased from 2.8% in 1990-91 to 4.2% in 2014-15, while the share of agricultural exports has decreased from 18.5% to 12.7%.

This anger in a largely agricultural community in India is a direct result of growing difficulties in the agricultural sector as agriculture has become hugely disadvantageous for large-scale farmers, excluding landless owners. The government recently admitted to the Supreme Court that Approximately 48,000 farmers have lost their lives in the last four years due to losses and debt. A large number of dependents on agriculture and reduced size of land with farmers. About 67% of farmers cultivate less than 1 hectare of land and 18% of farmers own 1 to 2 hectares of land which means that 85% of the farmers in India are minor or small farmers, while 0.7% of farmers have 10.5%. Agriculture land. Despite high-interest rates, farmers take risks and do farming. They get frustrated when their production is not properly priced. Only a small portion of the agricultural produce receives the minimum support price (MSP) and more than 90 percent of the farmers are at the mercy of traders who set the market price.

Crores of people live in agriculture. Also, the situation is not good in the agriculture sector today and farmers are in crisis. Now farmers are on the streets all over the country against these bills. He says that by bringing the Agriculture Bill, the Central Government has tricked the farmers and opened a new way for their exploitation. The benefit of this bill will not be to the farmers, but to the capitalists and industrialists. In contrast, the government says that these bills will only benefit the farmers. India is called an agricultural country, but the condition of the farmer here has always been bad. Sometimes there is a debt problem on the head of farmers and sometimes fear of crop failure. The crop profit is much less than what the farmers would have incurred in preparing the crop. In such a situation, the new bills passed by the government will change the condition of farmers.

Some people thought that agriculture is nothing this is a loss-making sector for nations but they do not know that this is the only sector on which country and the world depend. All the raw materials for industries is coming from the agriculture sector. It is the largest and very important sector for our country and nation. We should support the farmers and provide the best information and guidelines to them. If this sector fails i.e means the nation is complete in the loss we have already seen the result in lock-down time due to corona. 

Please support the farmers for our next generation and for our nation.

Stand with farmers

Vantika Tech